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Victoria Rider Galietta
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United States
Current Residence: Southern California
Personal Quote: Art is perfection in imperfection.


Future Trunks / bust portrait by Rider4Z
Future Trunks / bust portrait
:iconjeanettetrunks: requested a full body shot of FoT - Live Action Trunks by Rider4Z I figured this was close enough.

fyi, i don't normally take requests, only if i'm inspired. Suggestions are always appreciated. :)
Draft Paper / sketch by Rider4Z
Draft Paper / sketch

Here's an actual scene I recently added. It takes place after the first festival at the end of Volume V.


                Well into the late hours of the night after the festival Trunks was wide awake in his room at his desk working on designs for a new efficient street vehicle. Celari wandered the halls of the Briefs’ home with a cup of tea and noticed him through his bedroom door that was partially open. She approached and knocked politely.

                Trunks turned and saw her dressed in Capsule Corp sweats and socks standing in his doorway.

                “Hey, can’t sleep either, huh?” she asked as she walked in.

                “Not really,” he answered without getting up and then turned back to his work. “I’m usually awake at this hour anyway.”

                Celari stepped beside him and looked down at his papers. “Oh, wow…” she widened her eyes seeing a massive amount of detail and engineering on draft paper. “Did you design this?”

                “Yeah, I’ve been working on it for a few months actually. But some of the minor configurations I just can’t get quite right.”

                Celari couldn’t begin to imagine what was wrong with it. “Trunks, you’re an artist.”

                “Uh… you think so?” he looked at her a bit surprised, then back at his design.

                Celari glanced around his room and found a few framed pictures to look at. “I like your room,” she stated continuing to look around. His room was not very large but it was long and narrow with a low rounded ceiling. His desk sat against a long wall under a large window. Behind him against the other wall was a futon with a coffee table. At the end of the room lay a day-bed built into a nook of drawers and nightstands against the wall.

                “What about you?” Trunks broke the silence.

                “Me?” Celari turned her attention back to the artist who didn’t even look up from his work.

                “Yeah. I never would have pegged you as an insomniac.”

                Celari lifted her chin and contemplated the comment. “I see… I act too care free to ever get stressed out, eh?”

                Trunks heard the sarcasm in her voice and gave her his attention, to which he saw the condescension in her face. “Sorry,” he apologized. “You just hide it well, that’s all.”

                “Yeah, well… I’ve had years of practice.” She turned her eyes away. “If you pretend you’re something long enough, it’ll eventually become who you are.”

                “Ok… but, putting an act on all the time… doesn’t that make you tired?—”

                “I don’t want to talk about it, Trunks,” she cut him off assertively.

                Trunks raised his eyebrows at her but took no offense. He respected her wishes and went back to his work.

                Celari felt a bit guilty for snapping at him. She turned her head back to apologize but found him squeezing the bridge of his nose.

                “Got a headache, huh?”

                “Yeah, I’m used to it though. I’ve been getting them a lot lately.”

                “Really… Is that why you’re always cranky?” Celari muttered.

                Trunks shot her a dirty look.

                “Oh, sorry!” she laughed at herself. Trunks furrowed his eyebrows and turned back to his work.

    “Have you tried using pressure points?”

                Trunks looked at her again. “Pressure points?...”

                “Yeah, to help with the headaches,” Celari pointed to her temple.

                “Can’t say that I have.”

    “Well, here. I’ll show you. It’s easy.” Trunks pulled back defensively as she got in his personal space. “Stop that,” she scolded him. “Hold still.” Celari leaned down ever so slightly and placed her left hand on Trunks’ head pressing her thumb into his forehead just above his brow, and placed her right hand on the side pressing that thumb into his temple. She held it there for several moments but Trunks’ eyebrows remained furrowed.

                She let him go abruptly. “Trunks, you’re too tense,” she said in frustration. He looked up at her without a word. “You gotta relax your shoulders if you want this to work.”

                “I’m as relaxed as I get,” Trunks complained.

                “Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me in the least.”

                “Are we done?”

                “Hang on, let me try something else.” She went around behind him and made him sit straight up. She then dug her thumbs into his neck and over his shoulders looking for a certain muscle. Trunks’ face began to blush reluctantly having Celari’s hands on him, but then he realized here was someone actually strong enough to apply real pressure into his muscles. He tried really hard to keep his eyes open for the sake of his pride but it wasn’t easy.

    Finally one of her thumbs dug into the back of his neck just right. Trunks yelped in surprise and his head jerked up.

                “There it is,” Celari proclaimed proudly. “You have a knot running all the way down your neck into your shoulder.”

                “Yeah, take it easy, will you?” Trunks was even more tense than before.

                “I don’t have to guess you’ve had this since Ion left his calling card on you,” Celari referred to his shoulder muscle being permanently clenched after being stabbed.

                “Yeah, thanks for that grim reminder…” Trunks asserted, having had enough. He stood up to free himself but Celari twisted her knuckled into the base of his neck. Trunks felt a sharp twinge and yelped again in surprise on his way up. He grabbed his shoulder and twisted around defensively almost cursing out loud. Then he realized he no longer felt stress in his neck.

                As he straightened out he felt much lighter. He lifted his left arm and twisted around his joints and felt absolutely no pain.

                “How… did you do that?...” he stared at Celari in astonishment.

                She smirked and wiggled her fingers in the air. “Magic hands.”

                “Geez, I’ll say,” Trunks was still astounded he could move his arm completely around with no discomfort.

                Celari stretched her own arms above her head and wandered over to his futon and plopped down on her back. “That should help you sleep now.”

                “Well… we’ll see,” Trunks was still skeptical. “That got rid of my headache though. Thank you,” he smiled at her gratefully. She gave him a thumbs up from the futon. He sat back down at his desk feeling rejuvenated. Celari smiled to herself, slightly proud of receiving Trunks’ praise, then stretched one more time and relaxed against a cushion.

    Trunks rotated his neck still in disbelief. His shoulder muscle had retained its tension ever since he was impaled by Ion’s blade. At last he could relax it and the relief was invigorating. He took a look over his papers and suddenly a light bulb went off in his head. “Oh my gosh…” he exclaimed. The configurations that didn’t make any sense to him for so long clicked in his head and he could see what was wrong. He chuckled in astonishment as he corrected the errors that now seemed so obvious to him.

    “I’ll be darn… this is actually gonna work,” he proclaimed happily. “Hey Cel—,” he cut himself off as he turned around. Celari lay across his futon with her eyes closed. She had actually fallen asleep in the few minutes it took him to figure out his project.

    Trunks stared at the conundrum on his couch for a moment and smiled. Sighing contently, he let her sleep and turned back around to continue his work.

    After about twenty minutes or so, he actually started to feel fatigue. He yawned and rubbed his face, then flipped his desk lamp off and got up to settle in. Celari hadn’t moved an inch. Trunks pulled the throw lying on the back of the couch over her gently, then sat down on the edge of the coffee table and just stared at her face in the little bit of city light that came through his window. He still couldn’t get over how much she looked like Gohan and it brought him some much needed comfort.

    Trunks put his hand gently on her shoulder and nudged her. “Hey, Celari?” he spoke softly.

    Celari woke with a bit of a gasp. “Hm… huh?” she lifted her head in delirium. “Oh, I knocked out,” she muttered as she tried to sit up.

    “No, it’s okay, you’re fine. I just…” he hesitated as she slumped back down. “There’s something I wanted to say to you… before I lost my nerve.”

    Celari gave him the attention of her half-open eyes. “What’s wrong?”

    “Nothing, I just…” he blushed trying to find courage. “…Thank you, for being my friend.” She raised her eyebrows slightly. Trunks continued. “Really… I’m glad you came here.”

    It took a few moments for his words to process in Celari’s brain. Then she gave him a half-smile. “You know something? …I’m glad I’m here, too.” She lifted her hand up in the air with her elbow still resting on the couch. “You’re a good guy, Trunks.”

Trunks gave her a look of pride, then clasped his hand firmly in hers. Together they shared a strong sense of comradery and trust in each other.
Happy Halloween! / sketch by Rider4Z
Happy Halloween! / sketch
This was fun. I've actually had the idea of doing an avengers theme with these guys for a while. And Trunks as Captain America is just gaga on a plate.
Say Cheese / sketch by Rider4Z
Say Cheese / sketch
Chichi went to take a casual picture of Celari for her album, and Trunks finally got his revenge on her for making fun of his naturally scowling face.
Breakfast / sketch by Rider4Z
Breakfast / sketch
Here's a typical morning at the Capsule Corp home. Celari is a full-blooded saiyan remember.

And this is my 400th deviation! Wow...
Hey all, from time to time I update what I've written. I don't have an editor so I try to go back and catch mistakes, and even rework or reword some stuff that doesn't sit well with me anymore. Nothing too major ever changes, it's usually the little things that ended up meaning a lot that I go over and touch up.

If you're in the middle of reading, please update your file with the current one. And if you've read thru it already, I ask that you replace your copy with this one, just in case you choose to re-read again :)

Thanks a lot for all your input and comments, both on this and on my artwork. They really mean a lot to me :heart:


also, p.s. - Anime Expo is this coming week and I may have a surprise for you all...
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THE FUTURE OF TRUNKS - Would this succeed as animation? 

34 deviants said YES! I want this to come to life!
4 deviants said They animated GT, so probably.
3 deviants said No. This is great for a fan fiction though.
No deviants said other thoughts...



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LeonTheDragon-Wolf Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your work is amazing, I can't get enough of it
Please, teach me your ways
Mr-Cyrith Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! First of all I'd just like to say that your art interpretation of DBZ is really awesome, and that in itself makes whatever you draw your own.

Second of all, Celari. Great name! I named my female saiyan character that in Xenoverse.

If you'd ever, EVER be interested in doing a colab or exchange a few ideas. Omg I'd be so happy.
I've been trying to think of a way of how Saiyans could exist beyond the whole destruction of planet Vegeta and shit and a lot of fans go so angsty when you mention, "But there could be mor-"

Anyway sorry if this is a bit much. IT's just great to finally find an artist and a person who appeals to me (In the subject of DBZ).
Rider4Z Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much :) you might enjoy my story The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-XII [PDF Read File] by Rider4Z I'm not much for collabs but i appreciate the offer! And thank you for the compliments too :hug: i have "Celari" in Xenoverse as well ;)
Mr-Cyrith Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did read through most of it, but I just got back home from overseas so I should probably get back into it.

My idea of a collab would be that you draw and we both work on a story. But if that doesn't appeal to you then no worries! :D
If anything I'd like to see you draw my personal DBZ character in your style. Thats what would really make my day.
I'll scan the picture I drew sometime.

Anyway keep up the great work!
Rider4Z Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
Oh i see, sorry but i have enough problems drawing my own story XD. I'll take a look at your OC tho, but no guarantees....
Gentlewolf Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015
Your Future of Trunks looks very interesting.  I'd very much like to read it!  Mirai Trunks is also my favorite DBZ Character.  I once wrote a fanfiction called "Future of Hope" about his future.  I've long since lost it, though.  

I also like the Group, NightWish.  My favorite song of theirs is "Wish I Had an Angel."

I'd love to be friends. :) lets be friends.  
Rider4Z Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks! By all means, check out my rendition of Trunks' future! I hope you approve :D (my favorite Nightwish song is Storytime)
Gentlewolf Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015
Wow!  I've never hear that one before.  I'm listening to it now.  It's pretty awesome!  :XD:

And Maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I couldn't find where the story was.  Just the artwork.
Rider4Z Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2015  Professional General Artist
The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-XII [UPDATED] by Rider4Z It's a PDF file you gotta download.
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Water-Spryte Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Your work is amazing :D
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