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X:VIII (Happy Valentine's Day)
I've been hanging onto this image for a while and figured I'd use Valentine's Day as an excuse to share it. While I adore drawing intimate scenes like this between Trunks and Celari, I usually try to keep them to myself because their relationship is much grander than a mere romance and the last thing I want is for people to take an image like this at face value.

Volume X Chapter VIII

    Trunks felt a knot in his stomach seeing the agony linger on her face and couldn’t take his hands off her. He wiped a few stray tears out of her eyes and placed his thumb over her lower lip to stop it from quivering. Then without even thinking, he leaned in and softly pressed his lips against hers, his hands gently holding the back of her head.

    Celari didn’t move and her arms hung at her sides. She felt warm, and then her hands slowly raised up and rested around his ribs as she accepted him. At first Trunks didn’t even notice her respond, but hearing her moan as he subconsciously slid his fingertips into her hair triggered reality to sink in, and he remembered Ion suggesting he was lying to himself about his feelings for her.

The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-X [PDF Read File] by Rider4Z Celari vs. Trunks 2 by Rider4Z Not Just a Super Saiyan by Rider4Z I:V - Score to Settle by Rider4Z
The Future of Trunks has been updated to Volume X. (Some interesting changes have been made to this volume.) Only 2 more to go!
The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-X [PDF Read File]
LAST UPDATE 1/11/17 - From time to time I modify the literature and update the file.


The Future of Trunks
written by Victoria Rider Galietta
based on the original story by Akira Toriyama

On the one year anniversary of the androids' demise, an even deadlier threat emerges from space having followed a visitor to Earth. The visitor is none other than a young saiyan named Celari who came in search of Prince Vegeta. Trunks finds himself back amongst the death and horror he grew up with and blames the unwelcomed saiyan for it. He makes the decision on his own to follow in his mother's footsteps to find Planet Namek and restore the dragonballs on earth. However, Celari may be his only key to finding the new planet, and has no idea just how astonishing her origin actually is. The shadow of Vegeta is unmistakable in Trunks as he's forced to choose between keeping his pride and protecting the human race from repeating a horrendous fate.

I'd be happy to discuss details in private notes.

Future of Trunks: Vol. I Cover by Rider4Z The Future of Trunks Vol VII cover by Rider4Z The Future of Trunks Vol. VIII Cover by Rider4Z The Future of Trunks Vol. IX Cover by Rider4Z The Future of Trunks Vol. X Cover by Rider4Z The Future of Trunks - Vol XI Cover by Rider4Z

Illustration Gallery…
The Future of Trunks has been updated to Volume IX~ The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-IX [PDF Read File] by Rider4Z
I've updated The Future of Trunks up to Volume VIII. Continuing to work on the rest~
Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patience and support. My copyright issue has been resolved so I will slowly start taking my pieces out of storage. This incident has inspired me to take a look at my account and I'm going to make some changes to organize things better. 

As of right now, the only piece I made available is the read file of THE FUTURE OF TRUNKS, but only the first volume. This is because I have been going through the entire story again trying to flesh out the characters more and add a bit more depth to the story. I've never had any training in writing so I'm learning as I go. And I realized some important things seem to be missing in the literature. I've been writing it from the viewpoint of describing something I'm watching onscreen. I'm trying to break that habit and describe more of the things you can't see but the things you feel. I suppose that's why people who read a lot always say the book is better than the movie.

I also plan on taking a lot of my older illustrations and redoing them, excited for that! :)

I will let you know when more volumes are added~ ;) I hope everyone likes the little changes/additions I'm making. I know I do! I will also slowly start taking my pictures out of storage, there's just a lot and I want to take my time to organize things.

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THE FUTURE OF TRUNKS - Would this succeed as animation? 

45 deviants said YES! I want this to come to life!
6 deviants said They animated GT, so probably.
5 deviants said No. This is great for a fan fiction though.
1 deviant said other thoughts...



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