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Dragonball Super Fan Fiction - Mai's Conviction by Rider4Z
Dragonball Super Fan Fiction - Mai's Conviction
So I'm super excited about the next episode tomorrow. Shit's gonna go down in this episode I can tell. I don't like to read episode synopsis ahead of time cuz I don't want anything spoiled. But after seeing last week's episode I immediately started playing with ideas in my head of what's gonna happen. So I wrote it down and drew a picture. I have no idea how it's gonna play out in reality, but based on the events that were laid out, the following is how I would write it. I hope you enjoy and are as excited about the next episode as I am!!

Editor's note: I noticed while writing my style here is slightly different than in The Future of Trunks. I'm much quicker to get to the point just like in the anime. I subconsciously tried to match the feeling of watching the show. Then after realizing I decided to leave it the way it was.

Dragonball Super Fan Fiction: Mai’s Conviction

By Rider4Z

                Black’s blade of energy extended from his hand and his swordplay with Trunks commenced. They parried back and forth in seemingly equal fashion.

                “Trunks, your efforts are futile,” Black taunted. “There is only one possible outcome of our fight. You will die, and the human race will follow right behind you!”

                Black swung his blade and knocked Trunks’ sword out of his hand. He then swung straight down for his head. Trunks clapped his hands together and caught the blade inches from his face.

                Down on the ground Mai reloaded the clip of her gun and prepared herself to fire.

                Trunks gritted his teeth together and refused to surrender. “Black… as long as I breathe I will fight to protect the human race. If it costs me my life to keep them safe then I will pay it!”

                Black laughed to himself. “As long as we agree.”

                From behind, Zamasu appeared with Trunks’ sword and stabbed him in the middle of his back. Mai gasped in horror seeing Trunks impaled. The strap of his sheath split apart from the tip of the sword and then fell off his back.

                “The cost is your life, Trunks,” declared Zamasu, “Yours and every other human life on this planet.” He swung the sword throwing Trunks down. Black fired a ball of energy striking Trunks before he hit the ground, releasing an explosion.

                Trunks fell out of the ball of fire singed and smoking. He hit the side of a hill where he rolled several meters down and came to a stop face down in a shallow stream. Black and Zamasu floated high in the air with satisfaction, and Zamasu casually tossed Trunks’ sword to the ground.

                Mai skirted down the hill as fast as she could dodging trees and skidding in the dirt. “Trunks!” she cried as she dropped her gun ran to him. She hooked him under his arms and pulled him up out of the water, tugging his limp body back across the ground. “Just hang on!” She knelt down and held him in her lap as she readied a sensu bean given to her by Vegeta. “You can’t die, Trunks, we still need you!” she insisted as she placed the sensu bean in his mouth and patted his cheek. “Please…”

                Black grinned to himself. “Humans are so pathetic.” Mai gasped hearing Black and found him and Zamasu floating up above them. “They’re so self-centered and proud, refusing to accept their fate.”

                Mai gritted her teeth angrily.

                Zamasu continued. “They don’t understand their insignificance in this universe. If a kai believes a race doesn’t deserve to exist then there is no saving them.”

                “And what makes you so great!?” Mai yelled still holding Trunks in her arms.

                Black lifted his chin at her challenge.

                “What have you done that makes you worthy of judging us?” she accused with authority. Black and Zamasu watched Mai with contention. “You say you’re a kai, a god… you proclaim yourself as holy. But all you are is a murderer!”

                Black and Zamasu squinted their eyes. Trunks’ eyebrow twitched. Slowly he awoke hearing Mai’s voice. He opened his eyes and his blurry vision focused and found her just above him.

                “You accused Trunks of being a sinner because he traveled through time. What choice did he have against people like you? You invaded our home and killed thousands of innocent people who had no way of defending themselves. How dare you blame Trunks for your crimes. All you’re looking for is a scapegoat. You want to be free from guilt so you’ll pass the blame onto anyone but yourself.”

                Mai pointed her finger up to Black and Zamasu. “IT IS YOU WHO ARE THE SINNERS!”

                Black curled his lip and Zamasu narrowed his eyes. Trunks stared up at Mai speechless and grateful.

                “You dare accuse a kai, a superior being, of being a sinner. You’re an insignificant ant in the universe compared to me.”

                “And you kill for fun simply because you can,” Mai countered.

                Black and Zamasu aimed their hands. “If my will is for you to die, then it shall be so.” In sync they fired. Mai gritted her teeth and threw her body on top Trunks. Before the ball hit the ground Trunks secured his arms around Mai, spun her around and leapt away with her to safety. He crouched before tall boulder and shielded her from the explosion.

                “Trunks! Are you alright?” Mai asked after the wind died.

                “Yes,” Trunks nodded. “Thank you, Mai.” He wrapped his arm behind her head and connected his mouth to hers. Mai’s hand hung in the air for a moment, then gently rested upon his shoulder as she accepted his affection.

Dragonball Super - Sensu by Rider4Z Dragonball Super - Trunks and Mai live action by Rider4Z Dragonball Super - Sinner (Demi-God?) by Rider4Z

So, yeah. I don't know where they're gonna go exactly, but Mai has shown real guts for being human. She knows she's way out of her league but does everything she can and has proven herself useful several times. I would love to see her call out Black and Zamasu for being hypocrites. She can't fight them with her fists but words can be just as damaging, and she's got the stones to do it especially if it were to protect Trunks in the process.

Vegeta's given her the sensu beans so she's ready to save him from any mortal wounds he's likely to sustain. What I don't want is for him to be injured out of protecting Mai like a damsel or something. It's fairly obvious he would die for her so showing it is unnecessary at this point. It should be out of Black and Zamasu fighting dirty. At least, that's how I would tell it.

Volume VII of The Future of Trunks has been updated and added. I consider it and Volume VI the same volume really, but it's twice as long so I just split it in half.
The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-VII [PDF Read File] by Rider4Z
The Future of Trunks-VOL.I-VII [PDF Read File]
LAST UPDATE 10/22/16 - From time to time I modify the literature and update the file.


The Future of Trunks
written by Victoria Rider Galietta
based on the original story by Akira Toriyama

On the one year anniversary of the androids' demise, an even deadlier threat emerges from space having followed a visitor to Earth. The visitor is none other than a young saiyan named Celari who came in search of Prince Vegeta. Trunks finds himself back amongst the death and horror he grew up with and blames the unwelcomed saiyan for it. He makes the decision on his own to follow in his mother's footsteps to find Planet Namek and restore the dragonballs on earth. However, Celari may be his only key to finding the new planet, and has no idea just how astonishing her origin actually is. The shadow of Vegeta is unmistakable in Trunks as he's forced to choose between keeping his pride and protecting the human race from repeating a horrendous fate.

I'd be happy to discuss details in private notes.

Future of Trunks: Vol. I Cover by Rider4ZThe Future of Trunks Vol VII cover by Rider4ZThe Future of Trunks Vol. VIII Cover by Rider4ZThe Future of Trunks Vol. IX Cover by Rider4ZThe Future of Trunks Vol. X Cover by Rider4ZThe Future of Trunks - Vol XI Cover by Rider4Z

Illustration Gallery…
Volume VI of The Future of Trunks has been updated and reposted. Moving on to updating the second half~ It's going good so far :)
Hello everyone,

Thanks for your patience and support. My copyright issue has been resolved so I will slowly start taking my pieces out of storage. This incident has inspired me to take a look at my account and I'm going to make some changes to organize things better. 

As of right now, the only piece I made available is the read file of THE FUTURE OF TRUNKS, but only the first volume. This is because I have been going through the entire story again trying to flesh out the characters more and add a bit more depth to the story. I've never had any training in writing so I'm learning as I go. And I realized some important things seem to be missing in the literature. I've been writing it from the viewpoint of describing something I'm watching onscreen. I'm trying to break that habit and describe more of the things you can't see but the things you feel. I suppose that's why people who read a lot always say the book is better than the movie.

I also plan on taking a lot of my older illustrations and redoing them, excited for that! :)

I will let you know when more volumes are added~ ;) I hope everyone likes the little changes/additions I'm making. I know I do! I will also slowly start taking my pictures out of storage, there's just a lot and I want to take my time to organize things.

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THE FUTURE OF TRUNKS - Would this succeed as animation? 

44 deviants said YES! I want this to come to life!
5 deviants said They animated GT, so probably.
3 deviants said No. This is great for a fan fiction though.
1 deviant said other thoughts...



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